Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hey Cat - Gimme My Milk!

Apparently, no one told our chooks that they are meant to be scared of cats.  Well, not this cat anyway.  Tiger, who has featured previously (and who is not our cat) was a little bit 'huh!?' when we took some lactose-free milk out for him and the chooks all rushed in ready for their 'turn'.  I missed the classic photo of them much much closer, but I was a bit wary that even though Tiger never bothers the girls, he might just get a bit possessive of his milk!

This is Comby (Combless) on the right, but Spots (below) was almost right in Tiger's face prior...
so now when Tiger gets his milk, the girls get some oats to keep them a little bit more separate!  then later on we hear 'peck peck peck peck, peck peck' and there girls are in there finishing off the milk!  Wallies.

Ah... chooks, hello, I'm a cat and whaddaya think you're getting MY milk?!
in this pic we have Comby up the top, Snow White in the middle and Spots bottom of picture, with a somewhat perplexed Tiger (the cat) on the left.  We can't have cats as I turn into a sneezing, dripping, red mess.  So this is as close as the kids get.  I have a pat and then straight off to wash my hands.  So long as I don't touch my face or his hairs (on the breeze or anywhere) don't touch my face, then I'm fine.  Much as I find cats quite intriguing and fun to watch, I know they don't belong here.

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