Thursday, February 21, 2013

Butter Chicken (minus chicken + beef) - Ha!

Well, it wasn't meant to be butter chicken but that's what the first comment was that I had about it when the first subject sat down to dinner.  So it's beef, and it's a bit tomato-ey because I didn't cook it down for long enough but oh well.  There was no mutiny (as if anyone would volunteer to wholesale take over the dinner prep and cooking for good - ha!) so it can't have been too bad, right?

finished meal.  butter (not) chicken, with beef, rice n green and Turkish bread.
in the making
rice n green peas
adding the sour cream and extra spices
 We have a little respite from the 43 degrees we had yesterday at school pickup time... but not sure how long it will last.  Hope the week is being kind to you wherever you are.


Niki Jones said...

Holy cow how bloody hot was that yesterday. The back of my legs were stinging from the heat on them. Gross. Too hot. But the rain is lovely now though. Love the Butter not chicken. We have chicken surprise here, the surprise is, it isn't chicken, its white fish & the kids gobble it up because I say Chicken. Ha. Got get them anyway you can.

Kristy said...

yes indeedy it was rather warm yesterday wasn't it! The rain was lovely... just need a liiiiitle bit more lol

How on earth do your kids not pick that it's fish!? That's insane lol maybe all the spices and stuff? Go you for finding a recipe to get the good stuff in ;)

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