Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tomato Staking aka frame.

This is Mum's rigging while she was here, for the tomato plants to grow up and through.  Given that our tomato plants take off and create a jungle, hopefully this will keep them a little more manageable.  As always, thanks Mum.

the lemongrass plant in the corner has been taken out, divided up into a dozen+ pots and was put back in the tub as a single 'plant'.  As you can see it didn't mind too much and is now beefing right back up again.

The frames are made from mulberry tree prunings (another use for prunings), sticks from the park and I think some bamboo stakes either in this lot or the much taller framework out the front.

Mum also fed and watered and wet-soiled the plants so they'll be sitting there 'nom nom nom' and about ready to take off given the weather we have had.  I'll have to post some 'in progress pics' in a few months time.  I reckon you won't even be able to see the fence in the background.


Enchanted Moments said...

That will support them beautifully...I dont know about 'staking' tomatoes...mine always just go wild.

Kristy said...

I agree! the last lot of tomato I put in before exams and then in the weeks leading up to exams they kinda exploded and then we were almost wading through the plants to find the fruit!

Fingers crossed for the frames (this is the less extravagent of the ones Mum did - the other one has been called 'sculptural' lol by a couple of people already!) to work. they look good as well (I like making things with sticks and branches), and I think the tomato plants will be quite happy :)

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