Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Swap - What I Sent.

 I was lucky enough to participate in the Natural Suburbia Handmade Christmas Swap.  Since I think the 'surprise' aspect of it will be well and truly over, (in case my recipient came across my blog at the time) I'm sharing what I made.

Very very simple (but not too simple I hope, for my recipient who is a big-time crafter) and hopefully went with whatever other Christmas things the recipient has at their house.  I made 12, for the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

I wanted to put some lavender or gumnuts or something (smell or 'Aussie') in them but wasn't sure of (a) the rules and regs re customs and (b) what the recipient did or didn't like/was allergic to.  So I figured they could add extra things to them if they wanted to, later.

I hope they arrived safe and sound well in time for Christmas and that the recipient liked them :)

1 comment:

Lola Jones said...

They look great. Very creative Kristy.

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