Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recharge Place

This is where I go, or where I need to go at least now and then.  This is why I crave the coast and the ocean and the open spaces where there is only air between you and the horizon - not buildings and more buildings and more buildings.  It's a healing place, and a self sustaining place.  Full of all sorts of things, possibilities and happenings.

The weather was pretty perfect, really.  Just enough breeze to ripple your tshirt and keep you cool, but not to be a challenge.  Overcast, temp was good (water was cold lol).  Couldn't ask for better.  'Cept if we had bought breakfast stuff we would have stayed the night, boys could sleep in the car and we could fish.  nevermind.  contingency for next time.

these next three I'll photostitch together

just ... perfect, really.

heading back out on the track with the sun going down

for the tiny bit of this I can capture in the camera, it was several times more so, being there.

Ahh... beach.  Breathe.  Out.


Enchanted Moments said...

Those clouds in the first pic, with the sun coming through, in our family we call those 'Jesus clouds'..the kids think it is a bit of heaven shining through them...

Kristy said...

I'm not religious (as in a box one could tick) but I can see for sure how that would be an explanation for them and it kinda does feel a bit like that when you see them... :)

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