Monday, December 10, 2012

Gingerbread Stars, Dudes and Stained Glass

Stars, Stained-Glass biscuits and Buttons Buttons Buttons!
These are a basic gingerbread recipe, rolled out and then variations

currants for buttons

Stars (leave the centre star in or remove it, up to you).

you could probably even hang these with some colourful Christmas ribbon running in a loop through the centre star.
  • To make them 'stained-glass' you just take out the centre star and put some jam in the 'window' before you bake, or some crushed hard boiled lollies.  It melts and then sets when it cooks and it's meant to be like stained glass to look at.  When I find the pics of the ones I did, I'll post 'em
Variations on iced buttons for gingerbread men include:
  • currants (smaller than sultanas)
  • and Nemar Natural 100s and 1000s.  Pick out matching ones or have funky buttons!  Take 5 individual '100s and 1000s' and push them into the gingerbread dudes in a neat row, right before baking.

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