Saturday, December 08, 2012

Festive Fruit Fun

Made these for a dessert platter for the Grad Dinner.  Very simple, actually doesn't use a massive amount of fruit so you can incorporate things that you might not otherwise buy (cherries, blueberries) while they are in season as you only need one per piece.

The steps are pretty simple.  Slice your fruit into 'thick sheets'.  Use a small round cutter (this one is between the size of a 20c and 50c piece) and cut out your melon/kiwi fruit/mango whatever you have.  Then stack them.  Cut a strawberry in half (hulled or not, up to you).  Take a long toothpick and skewer on a strawberry, cherry and blue berry and then stick the other end of the toothpick into the melon stack.  That's it.  Oh, I did serve with grated white chocolate but you don't have to, or you could drizzle over some melted chocolate - whatever you like.

If you use graduated sized star biscuit cutters, you could do a pretty cool tree.  Stand a small star on it's side at the top secured with a toothpick and you could have a fruit Christmas tree.

choose whatever is in season, on special, takes your fancy and/or fits the budget.
cut out your fruit circles

once you've assembled your stacks, it's time for berries.

 that's it!  YUM! and very simple to make and take if you're going out somewhere with a 'bring a plate'.  Just for something a little bit different to do with fruit.

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