Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday... bake day...

Tuesday is always a big baking day but this week was especially so.  It actually starts on Monday night with two different biscuit doughs being prepared (by the eldest child) and usually all the chopping and grating.  I also usually get most of the biscuits through late Monday night and they stay in their airtight container for Tuesday.  The latter didn't happen this week so Tuesday was fuller than usual:
  • grated 2 kilos of cheese and chopped lots of capsicum
and baked:
  • 4 large oven trays of cinnamon scrolls
  • 4 large oven trays of gingerbread
  • 4 large oven trays of ANZAC biscuits
  • 32 mini pizzas (about 8-10 trays)
  • 3 large lasagnes, 1 half lasagne (one for meal roster for family in our class with parent in hospital, one for a friend, one for us and not sure what to do with the half one yet!)
  • and a salad to accompany one of the lasagnes for the meal roster.
There's a real system going for the baking in the day, which starts when the preset dough makers go off at about 9am.   Immediately take those two lots of dough (pizza) out and put the cinnamon scroll dough in.  Get all the pizza through the oven and hopefully a batch of biscuits (although this time instead of biscuits was the bechamel sauce for the pizzas - the meat mix/sauce was thankfully cooked the night before),

then let the oven cool enough to put the cinnamon scrolls in to rise, while the pizzas finish cooling.

yay for lasagne's done.  These get fridged or frozen as is then you can cook them fresh when you need them.

While the scrolls are in to rise, cut out and lay out as many biscuits as possible (I really need to get some more oven trays lol).  Briefly take the scrolls out to bring the oven back up to temp, scrolls in.  Pizzas cooled now and packed away.

fresh-grated wholegrain breadcrumbs

pizzas done
three out of four trays of scrolls in.

Scrolls out.  Biscuits in.  Ice scrolls.

Cool biscuits.

Pack up biscuits and scrolls.  In between there, load and unload dishwasher a few times for fun, chat with Master 3y/o and hang out washing etc and try not to do too many things that you burn stuff!

and a salad this week, to go with one of the lasagne

 the last lot of stuff usually comes out of the oven around 1.30 and I'm packed and ready to go by 2.

The pizzas, scrolls and biscuits are for the kids to do Market Day at school, which is their pocket money and a portion to the school, as well as buying ingredients etc.

For dinner we had home made chicken noodle soup, with the 'stock' from the '3 meals from one chook' recipe.  Which I might add, sounds very 'domestic', you know, making your own stock but it's actually a great way for a 'cheat' dinner!  Pull out the frozen stock, heat, add noodles, peas, corn kernels and herbs/spring onions and that's dinner done.   Serve with fresh buttered bread (this one was a fresh baked high loaf from Coles, this bread, not my own lol).

Then of course there's all the cleaning up, wiping down, vacuuming and the dishwasher got a caning as well.  But at the end of the day you can have a big happy sigh because it was a productive day!  So yes, I like baking and it's a good way for the kids to earn pocket money, do maths and learn how to 'man a stall', as they are the ones who operate the stall at Market Day... and maybe... just maybe there's the odd scroll that's too small and has to be for me with a cuppa in the afternoon!

What's on your baking list this week?

(and why does there seem to be TWO ways to spell 'lasagne/lasagna' and 'cinammon/cinnamon'?!)

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Enchanted Moments said...

Theres only one way to spell those words, and thats d e l i c i o u s.....

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