Sunday, November 11, 2012

Purple Carrot Pants & Strapples

Well, tri-colour carrot pants to be more precise.  Tri colour carrots (purple outer, and orange or orange&white inner).  Easy enough to grow and I will be planting them again... now that there is a bit more time because EXAMS are finished! woot woot! Although I am still in the 'quick, gotta get study done' mindset - that will take a few days to wear off.

And the list of 'to do after exams' is more than long enough.  Some serious work to do in the garden, among many many other things. 

*ahem* distraction but before I get back on topic a MASSIVE thankyou to those people who looked after my kiddies (and 'specially Q) so I could study in the weeks leading up to the exam.  And to my very own 'Mary Poppins' who came to stay last week.  It's so nice to remember what that support feels like in person xo

Right... so these 'purple' carrots, some tri colour silverbeet, a small bag of red and yellow cherry/grape/ toms (I added later to the box), and some rosemary for a friend.  I thought her kids would like the 'carrot pants' one so I put that in too.

what the heck is a 'strapple' - well it's what you call strawberries when they're the size of a small apple - I mean really, the photo just doesn't sum it up enough.

These were GIANT strawberries.  I didn't grow them but someone did and unusually for a massive strawberry, they tasted great and were very sweet.  No... they weren't organic so no idea what got them that big and I guess I'll never know.  And yes... that's a 50 CENT piece next to it.

And while we're on the giant theme, how's THIS lemon from my friend A's tree a few months ago?  It's insanely huge.

It was a lucky day, I had a note to compare it to lol - extravagent or what!? lol
thanks A for sharing these gi-monstrous lemons! 

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