Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gluten-free Mud Muffins and Vanilla Muffins

For school for Master 11's Celebration.

They are a Macro Gluten-free mix and they went down very well with compliments!

eta I know there are those who don't support Woolworths products.  I don't buy WW milk, for example and try and support local where I can.  However, I am not into gluten-free enough to know a from-scratch good recipe nor have the time or ingredients to try them out to find one at short notice for today.  I will one day but in the meantime, these are handy, easy to make and I know they meet the dietary requirements needed for the class.

Please if you have a link to a fab gluten-free cake recipe, by all means share!


Kai said...

Those muffins smelt and looked aaaaaawesome, pity I didn't get to try any! :P

Kai said...

Those muffing looked and smelt awesooooome, pity I didn't get to try any! :P

Kristy said...

sorry... :( Just wanted to make sure there was enough for the class! Next time, eh? PS the lasagne was good though, right? lol

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