Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Remember this little guy?

Remember this little guy?

and more posts on him here, here and here?
Well he grew up.

Maybe it's him anyway.
Or it's his hopping buddy from down the road dropped in to say hello.

I came across him when I lifted some plastic (the black plastic lining the bathtub garden beds) looking for snails and he stayed perfectly still at first, then did this wierd and very awkward looking turn head down bum up like 'you can't see me coz I can't see you!'... sorry dude... you're not as little as you thought you were!  I know, it might not be the little green guy all grown up but it's a funny frog pose just the same.


Niki Jones said...

Bless. That. Frog.
Ha. Hilarious. He thinks he's hidden, he's like a toddler. Hilarious. I had frogs growing up. Dad made me a rock pool out of an old bathtub. I love them. My favourite died suddenly one morning in a "rock fall" & I was devastated. Never forget it. Everyone still talks about it.
Will make contact for that coffee soon. I have Bali, yr 11 exams & year 7 camp coming up all in the next 3 weeks. I will need a wind down after that. Maybe we could meet at W shopping centre for a coffee. Or Ikea. Ha. Love Niki x

Kristy said...

We had frogs growing up too - I remember catching the tadpoles and then we bought them home etc and watched them grow. very cool.
your poor frog with the rockfall :(

Yeh, the next few weeks are a bit nuts. W sounds good ;) when our schedules permit :)

Make sure you have some fun in the nxt few weeks ;)

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