Thursday, April 26, 2012

So the show has been on...

Whether you agree with 'climate change' science or not and whether it's caused by humans or the mouse having a tree party, doesn't matter. It's pretty darn obvious that we live in a world with finite resources that we (that would be humans) are depleting faster than they can be replenished all the while producing more pollution than the world can accomodate in it's natural systems. Easy friggin' peasy if you ask me, that things need to positively change.

I can change your mind about climate.
It's been on. I said I wasn't going to watch it. I didn't until about 2 minutes ago and I watched about 5 minutes of it and that was enough. Seriously. 'oh but if you cut mining you're going to lose 10s of thousands of jobs and kids won't get presents at Christmas time'. That was the mining... person... oh he has a name. Clive Palmer. zero vested interest (not).
Thank goodness there are some sensible people on the show that might have gotten viewers actually thinking. Doesn't matter if skeptics or 'unsure' didn't change their mind, so long as it gets people thinking and asking questions. Grrr. I knew I'd get angry! That said, I liked some of the stuff that was said about the 'how' of it all, a succesful transtition, a positive one. As from my last post the 'how' and the planning of it is something I'm interested in (and need on a personal level), and I think more than just for my mind-peace, is important for all of us. If you watched it, I hope you managed to have more head nodding moments than throwing things at the tv moments!

It was also a relief to know that there ARE some 'bigger' crew out there doing good work. very good to know and gives hope for a positive and smooth(er) transition. So that was my viewing. I know I probably should have watched it all before forming an opinion completely... but I'll be keeping on with my UNI work while the show continues, and will keep an eye out for fellow Blogger reviews.

eta interesting to see the survey results now (while the show is airing).

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Niki said...

Interesting, stressful, hopeful.
The little people get it, why can't the big corporate bigwigs get it.

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