Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baked plaits, pear cake, pantries and mini-melons

plaited bread. Dough in the breadmaker, finished by hand. It's about all I like to use the breadmaker for is making dough. I really enjoy finishing off the rest by hand although, my friend 'N' does a fabulous apple bread in her breadmaker.

Here's the before and after of the pantry... littlest person who likes to help (vacuming before we organised everything and put it back, yes... again). I think that was a 'ginger oops' (spill) in the bottom of the cupboard.

Quinn did start stacking the containers up to make 'towers' when we were taking the containers out.. and then decided it was more fun to precariously balance things instead so we have a pile of 'stuff' as below!



After *happy sigh* LOL

Yes the organiser in me really does like having matching labels - don't hold that against me! It's just the CK Jot font (the link has been slow, apologies for that) some paper and some wide sticky tape. Fancy - not. The labels will last but we'll see how long the organised shelves last... if people can put things back in the same spot they got them from then there might be a chance.

and no that doesn't include the 25kg bags of flours and oats lol we keep the flour separate and just fill the large TW containers from there for the pantry. The bag of oats stays where it is and we scoop from it there.

Our mini melon.

Going by the stem I thought it was ready but maybe it was just the plant was disturbed/broken. anyway, we ate it! The paper next to it was for the seeds - I just scrap them onto scrap paper or a length of toilet paper (fancy eh) and let them dry. Labelled then put away. That's my low-tech (slacker) way of seed saving - ha!

Pear cake - recipe thanks to 'I' for the recipe - it's very subtle but a very 'warm' taste and very yummy! No strange ingredients, usually everything on hand and a good way to use up any overlooked pears in the fridge.

I reckon it would be really nice with custard too - if it ever lasted that long~! Thanks to I for the fabulous recipe :)


Niki said...

Hi love, how are you. Great post. I love the pantry. Mine is a little worse for wear as you can imagine with 3 males using it for a month.
Hope all is good in your neck of the woods.

Luv Niki

Kristy said...

Allo m'dear :) Thanks re pantry and yes I can well imagine re yours! a ~month~ - jeepers creepers!

I'm up for IKEA sometime... not sure how we connect to each other but maybe via EB PM? yell out if you're keen :)

All ok here. Two assessments in, two to go
take care and watch out for that pile of washing - that kinda stuff has been known to ambush people ;)

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