Saturday, February 04, 2012

In the garden - what's growing and how big it is so far

just some pics to share

the pommegranit. There are four new flowers on so we'll get 5 so far from this plant that's not even been in the ground for 6mths.

Diggers Sweet Chocolate capsicum. Something different

I would definately not say we grow enough to provide all our f&v, but the things we use often - lettuce, tomato, spring onions, basil (thanks Andrea!), parsely, chives, silverbeet we generally manage to avoid buying from the shops, and give some to friends/family. The rest we use as it comes and goes and it's just lovely to eat REAL fruit and veg.

the lemonade tree. This fruit came on right after it was planted (around Christmas 2011) and there has since come a new flower and fruit. The rain and humidity is having strange effects in the garden, methinks.

This tree also has the benefit of being watered by the bathtub bed. I hooked up a piece of old downpipe (complete with the 'elbow' it already had on it, which was very handy) to underneath where the bath tub plug hole is, and almost all the water once it's 'fed' the bathtub plants, goes to the bottom of the bath, down the downpipe and then to the lemonade tree.
Twice the use for one lot of water. Triple the use if the bath tub bed is watered using the water collected in the tub in the kitchen sink.

larger pumpkin a bit more grown up from this post. It truly is invisible once the pumpkin vine leaves and the grass cover it over. The vine itself is planted in the vege bed, and it's overhung down the sides. I trained it 'round' the bed (it's an oval purchased colourbond one, all our others are home made rectangles) and it's lapped itself and is heading round again lol it's a good way to keep the vine 'contained' in a way.

the 'no idea pumpkins' from this post when they were still liddle... these two above and this one below

the sweet and stripey baby cucumbers, similar to much bigger one from this post - they are meant to grow up to a metre long!

below is the cucumber that's been named 'the wart that fell off the witches' nose' lol. We planted three varieties of cucumber, the sweet and stripey above and two others that I can't remember. This one is still small so will 'outgrow' it's witchiness.

The new tomatoes are in. Beams yellow pear, red globe, red cherry, yellow cherry, green zebra stripe, Tigerella and borghese something else. Purple dragon carrots are in, as are round orange carrots, NZ spinach (warrigal greens), more tomato, and a heap of lettuce. Oh, and more capsi, eggplant and some flowery kinda things.
Also in are purple podded pea Dutch and lazy housewife bean (thanks Andrea!).

There's more to go in. The corn finished and I attempted to weave a basket from their leaves and stalks but no real luck... though I am getting better and figuring out what definately doesn't work.

There are materials aside for four new vege beds. I am keen to see how much of our own we can grow when these four are in... I am working up the courage to get the angle grinder out and see what I can do. But worried I'll stuff it right up and the materials will be wasted. Will see if I get plucky enough to do it this week!

Thanks to my assistant with the 50c piece!

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