Monday, January 30, 2012

yes... still burning

last update I had was here. The fire has now eaten TWICE that...
link to ABC news story. Because there's been nothing on the commercial channels and nothing on the news otherwise.

the information I have now is that the number is
almost 700,000ha burnt. seven. hundred. thousand. hectares...

but because it's not the city, and because it's not 'important' people
and they're not wearing fancy dresses up a red carpet
and it's not a story about gas plant set to make squillions for the Government
it hasn't made the news.

catastrophic fire warning issued (3 days ago)
Countryman, 672,000ha (26th Jan)

Go to FESA site for the latest updates.

1 comment:

Lesley said...

The commercial media sucks, there is no other description, if it isn't sensational and commercial, they don't care.

Such a vast area to be under threat, but because the population is minimal it's not worth reporting. If it was Brisbane, or Sydney or melbourne, everyone would be up in arms.

I hope that the cyclone bypasses but sends the rain to put out the massive fire and that your Nan is okay.

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