Monday, January 16, 2012

7kms from the homestead and still burning

update from this post. The fire is 7km away from the homestead last I heard, near the cemetary, and still uncontrolled. Everyone is working very hard. Sadly, not one word of this fire on any of the main city news stations, and it's been burning since New Years and has burnt well over 350,000 hectares. As seen in the previous link, that's a MASSIVE amount of land...

Perhaps if it was something that people could complain about (like the effects of the floods on the bananas), things might be different. However, just because the commercial news stations don't see it as worthy of screen time doesn't mean that people aren't keeping all those affected in their thoughts. Because all those who know, are. To all those involved in fighting the fires, or in the path of them.

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Lesley said...

Because the media are only interesting in sensationalising stories, or things that the majority are interested in. Of things that make a impact in the major cities. News elsewhere does not exist :(

I am hoping that it rains or something happens that the wind turns and it blows back onto itself to spare all the homesteads, the livestock, the livelihoods of the families that live there.

and that is one delicious peach!!

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