Sunday, October 09, 2011

Because it's not Australia, or the US or England...

"The Pacific nation of Kiribati is forecast to be the first country in the world to disappear as a result of climate change."

But because it's not Australia, or the US or England...The world doesn't care. Better put - the countries who pledged money at Copenhagen, don't care. The countries who wouldn't sign a binding agreement, don't care - oh and wait a minute... didn't that include Australia?

Do a Google Maps and see where Tuvalu is. It takes until the people there have just days of drinking water left, for it to make the news, when it's been coming for a long time.

Maybe if Barnett had to live there, or Gillard, or Howard, Rudd, or Court or any of them - maybe they would give a stuff. Maybe if there was oil there, or iron ore, or flipping gas there, someone would give a stuff. This is not a maybe, this is not an 'if climate change exists' - this is HAPPENING. now. With current predictions these Islands, the birth places, sacred places... an entire CULTURE as it exists right now, will be gone.

Maybe if the people who lived in fancy houses along the river in the major cities in Australia had to pack their own sandbags and build their own 'sea walls' it might hit home.

We know Indigenous people are strong. We have seen how much Indigenous people can go through and still be alive on this planet today but in the world 'we' live in, of technology and economies and stupid stock markets, of massive oil rigs and excessive consumption to ridiculous degrees - they shouldn't HAVE to. I want to help. I don't know the answers but there are plenty of people who have the skills, who do, and who can do something with those answers. I want our Government to help. Not half-assed, last minute help - but REAL help. Lower our emissions for a darn start on the overall scale, then help on a practical level - thoroughly. Though given Governments past and present in Australia's interactions with our own Indigenous people, I really shouldn't be surprised.

Watch the documentary that aired on SBS.
Then, certain politicians, academics and everyday people - tell me climate change isn't real. If that's where you were born, where your home was, your children were raised and your family had lived for generations - you would think it was VERY real. Instead, 'we' squabble about the 'real' causes, who causes what and how much and why 'we' shouldn't have to pay for it...

do people not get that an entire COUNTRY is about to disappear?

Do people not get the amount of damage that has been inflicted on the Earth and it's Indigenous people since 'non-Indigenous' 'settlement' and all that came with it and how it's ONLY since then that it's happened and happened on such a massive scale? ['but it's not us, we didn't do it'] When will people 'get' that just because there's no flash houses or cities [progress, progress], that the wisdom, knowledge and ability that the remaining Indigenous people have to live on and with the land, is far more valuable than any material possession? Who really then is the 'civilised' and 'smart' one, and who is paying for it.

I want out of 'this' so-called culture that 'we' live in - I want in on sustainability and balance between technology and nature. And I want our Government to see what Tuvalu and Kiribati and it's neighbouring islands need, how they want to manage things, and to HELP.

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