Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lemons are a picking... Lemon Tart

Our lovely friend A generously says 'help yourself to lemons' and I do, with thanks! They smell so gooood, so fresh, so positive so... well... good for you! I always say I'll make this or that when I have a bowl of lovely lemons, but it usually ends up being pancakes with lemon and sugar.

But not this time. I thought I'd make a Lemon Tart for dessert tonight... found a great looking recipe (Taste.com.au is usually pretty reliable) and then... it says 'refrigerate overnight'. darnit!

here 'tis ready to go for it's overnighter in the fridge.

So the crumb base was made, the 20mins of stirring the lemon curd complete and (after we all a dip with our own spoons to taste, then licked the pan clean) into the base it went, it's in the fridge ready for dessert tomorrow night. Can't wait! It's not the best light tonight for photos so I'll take some tomorrow afternoon. With the fresh lemons and fresh chook eggs, I reckon it's gonna be a beauty! If you have any favourite lemon recipes to share please do!

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