Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This Week

It sounds... quite basic. I made playdough again. It's been a long time since I have made playdough... certainly compared to when my first was a baby when we made it fairly regularly, I barely make it at all now. So much so that I think at two and a half this is the first time Quinn has had home made play dough... I mean, we do other things. We do things now that maybe I didn't do at the time with my first so it all kinda balances out I guess... but there are some things I know I just don't do, or to put it the other way round, that I need to remember I want to do...

so we made it, and he enjoyed it... and still is. We went from making shapes and animals, to 'recipes' and then progressed to hills and tunnels and of course the underside of most of Quinn's cars, and their wheels, are caked in playdough.

It's a really good activity for 'that time of the night' when everyone seems to go loopy, and I'm making dinner. It's a quiet activity that requires concentration and zero zooming around the house. I like that! The recipe is on the side of the cream of tartar box/pack. Easy peasy.

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