Sunday, March 20, 2011

I should probably say that the other day I did get stuff done. Put the timer on for 15mins, picked a room and started there. Then did 15mins in the next room. After that I was in the groove, and just kept going minus the timer and surprised myself with how much I actually got done when I wasn't thinking about how much there was to be done.

Michael undid the boys' bunks and they became two single beds again - much better for air flow.

I spent the next three days, between other tasks, sorting through the amazing amount of STUFF that came out of that room! Looking at the pic now it's an odd pic, because it's not the 'right lighting' so the colours look strange... a daylight pic would be better (note to self for later)... on the topic of colours, I'm contemplating more of a colour theme along these lines

But what's there will have to do for now. Along the way, while dealing with the 'post-room-stuff' I reinforced to myself the way I would like our home to be, and donated or worm farmed or otherwise dealt with the stuff that doesn't fit with that vision. It's refreshing. Then I applied that as I worked through the house. The backroom is still a stumbling block, as is the Master Bedroom BIR but for now, a start is good.

I tidied and organised and baked all sorts of things and thanks to N I finally sussed out not burning the schamozzle out of the bottom of the pot when making popcorn - woot woot!

Home popped popcorn apart from not having all the weird things in it, is very efficient - there were barely any unpopped kernels at the bottom compared with the zapper (microwave) version.

Finally, I had to laugh when I read 'Squeezing in some Creativity' on this blog - the description of
basically making me a topless baby carrying, one-handed crazy crafty lady still trying to take care of the other littles while tripping over the toy laid en floor and just. sighing. Oh how very blessed we are even in the apparent chaos! really is that way sometimes!


Niki said...

OMG their room looks fantastic. Well done. I did my Welsh dresser yesterday & the amount of crap was unbelievable. And it was only 18 months ago I really purge it. So in 18 months I got 2 medium garbage bags, 1 for goodwill & 1 for recycle/rubbish.
Today is a general cleaning day, Monday always is after the weekend, but I am endevouring to do the boys bathroom. It is pretty basic anyway so it should be an easy task.
Towel storage any good ideas?? My linen cupboard is tiny, so I have them stored in one of the boys wardrobes. Not great.


Kristy said...

Go Niki! *cheers!*

Funny, Monday and Friday end up being 'top to bottom' days for me - cleaning, baking, organising, notes etc

Towels... we have a wall shelf (2 shelves) in the bathroom for the 'adult' towels (folded hotel-style) and the hand towels (rolled). All the other towels are rolled and slotted in the shelf above the kids 'storage shelves' which are above their drawers. Can take a pic if you like.

Otherwise could you move the sheet sets to the relevant bedrooms and store them between the mattress and the bed base? That would free up space in the linen cupboard?


Lola said...

rooms look like a magazine room not a kids room, bery good grashopler, if only they stayed that clean and tidy

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