Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Excuse me, Mr Hallmark..?

Thought I'd share -this link-. Oh if only...

had Brenna been born on her EDD this 11th of March, which is just a few days away, she would be almost 3. Three years old. Our children's age list would look like this:
Brooke 11, Jake 9, Zeke nearly 6, Brenna nearly 3, Quinn 2. I know I know it doesn't work that way...

Brenna's EDD March 2008, actual birthday 21st Sept 2007. There would be two living sisters in this house, and three brothers. There are seven stockings hang at Christmas but Brenna never gets to open hers in the tiny hours of Christmas morning, all excited. She's here, our Brenna, in our hearts and our thoughts, our memories and around us all the time... just that she's not here, safe and warm in my arms or in her bed... and there's not a thing I can do about it, nor can I 'turn to the back of the book' to find out the answers... to why. Her little life started right here inside of me, and stopped right here inside of me... inside my body that was supposed to keep her alive. I carried her lots inside me and a little after she was born then she was in my arms no more. Ever again.

Brenna's little singlets.

Miss you Brenna. Every. single. day.
Love, Mummy

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