Saturday, January 01, 2011

Adding one more to the 'Three R's'

Reduce, reuse, recycle and... REPAIR~! Ok that's pretty obvious... but there are some things that you have to be realistic about - they're either too broken, would take up huge amounts of time that maybe you don't have etc... but then again... maybe you can think a little creatively...

and that's exactly what Michael did here. Favourite pair of goggles had a split right above the 'window' part on the mask. It took him a long time to find a pair that fit his face and didn't leak. Superglue alone wasn't cutting it... there was too much flex to let the glue 'hold'... cue some creative thinking, some 316 stainless and a few screws for rigidity across the top (as well as the glue) and

good as new! A little bit of time and effort and these should see quite some more time in the ocean yet :)

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