Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Years Ago today

Birthday Wishes to our Brenna
We love and miss you very much
come blow your candles with us tonight

Three years ago today, 21st September, a tiny little girl was born quietly into this world... Brenna, you were already in our hearts and changed our lives immeasurably. Last night I read the poem I wrote you some time ago... today I took a walk around the garden, and just took pics of whatever caught me... and some pics of the cupcakes made for you. We'll all light your three candles and sing Happy Birthday tonight... even Quinn had a try at saying your name today...

Brenna's tahitian lime


strawberry blossom

pink and white pegs

Brenna's Angel Peach, in fruit


maybe for next year




Niki said...

Thinking of you Kristy, today & always. Brenna is always remembered here too. God Bless.
Niki x

Kristy said...

Thankyou Niki xo Appreciate you stopping by and remembering with us.

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