Monday, April 05, 2010

What's growing tree-wise

This is what we have growing in the back yard at the mo. If you're in WA (or even if you're not!) please do leave a comment and let me know what you have (varieties if you know as well) and how it's going, as local info like that is good to know. I am hoping we are getting ever closer to planting out the front with our f&v but methinks I'll just have to take a shovel out there to clear the (dead) grass bc hiring a digger or similar to do it will just be too costly...

SO out the back we have:
valencia orange
navel orange
two types of plum (one late one earlier)
Angel peach
tahitian lime
two Pinkerbelle apples (just planted today!) and
a lilli pilli
two passionfruit (not a tree of course).

Still to add in Granny Smith apple, and different variety of lilli pilli that I hope to grow from seed (know where there's a good one that was in fruit recently). We have a big shade tree in the middle of the yard so are just grabbing pocket spots that get enough sun, round the place. The big shade tree is beatiful in summer and so cool... it will be staying as it has done through the big reno (totally cleared) ages ago.

Anyway, please do let me know what trees you have, what you think of them, whether they fared better or not in your climate/conditions etc and did you do anything special like play music LOL to them or not :)


TheCrone said...

Hey K

How are things?


Kristy said...

Heya L
Been wondering but couldn't find where you went to from your 'old' blog... how is the world finding you these days?

Georgie said...

Sounds good, Kristy. We have just put in (in large pots) a Pinkabelle, a dwarf Meyer lemon, and a blueberry bush.

My sister does not garden at ALL (She lives next door), yet has very prolific grapefruit and cherry guava trees. So I would guess they don't take a lot of effort! (But I won't be planting them 'cos I just go and pick hers.)

TheCrone said...

I went back to my original blog which is free. Seemed silly to pay money to blog iykwim?


Georgie what a small world ;)

Georgie said...

Hehe L, it's Perth, the smallest of small worlds :)

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