Saturday, April 17, 2010

Painting and unpainting... and why

Bumbling along through random thoughts in the day, as you do, when your mind isn't otherwise occupied with logistics, planning, details of things to come and past, and requests, mediation and the like... I realised that at least three SAHM (stay-at-home-Mums) I know, painted a wall or two recently, myself included.

I did mine for a few reasons. One, because when I sit in that spot bfeeding Quinn, I notice every time what a displeasing-the-eye wall it is (was). And I plan what I might like to go there instead... and think that one over for a few days and change it slightly or completely. Until finally I settled on something.

I did ask 'how come I want to paint a wall?' (read: when there's a billion other things that really need doing) and the answer was (partly) - because if I paint that wall today, when I wake up tomorrow, it will still be painted. It won't be 'unpainted' like it was the day before. I won't be painting that same wall over and over again every day for as many days as the sun rises. It will remain painted. woot woot! LOL

So I worked out yes I wanted it to look nicer, be more welcoming and look slightly (a lot) more cared for. But I also wanted something that would stay completed. Raising and loving our children and caring for the home we do it in, is important all on it's own. And while we see the 'fruits of our efforts' every day in front of us, laughing, running, creating, learning and we see the clean clothes, freshly baked buns, warm yummy smells from the oven and the fruit to be eaten, it's not a ... 'completed' task, rather one that continues. We know that. And it's ok, and special in that way really because it continues and evolves.

Just occasionally though, it's nice to see something that is completed and remains that way, isn't it. Something you can 'see' at the end of the day and know you won't have to redo tomorrow. A more visibly permanent achievement. Just something. Even if you have to finish the last coat of paint on with roller in one hand and toddler-who-just-woke-and-isn't-happy-because-they-woke-up-early-and-are-still tired on the other hip/arm LOL. Even if yes, it's not been touched for a couple of weeks despite needing only ONE final coat all round! haha! It's nice to have that sense of completion. I think anyway.

So not painting neccesarily, but something. Yes?

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Niki said...

Sorry I haven't replied before this. I have had a little break from the blogworld only updating weekly on my own & rarely bloghopping. Kiddo's are demanding at the moment as are the household demands.
Love to you all,

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