Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Just zip it!

I decided to take on the 'Just Do It' approach... not neccesarily as a New Year thing because I believe that any day can be the start of your 'new year'... but because the 'but I can't...' really doesn't get you anywhere. 'I can...' is more positive place to start, and often with better results. Anyhoo one of my 'I can't' or 'I don't do' is zips... Mum showed me but I just couldn't repeat it when I was on my own LOL... then I decided 'just do it' and couldn't find the zipper foot - couldn't remember which of the feet things it was. Ah snot it... I'll just take the foot off and manage without one! So I did... first ever zip LOL

A gift for a friend (mini-wetbag), and some pads too once I get them finished :)


Clarinda said...

That looks fantastic!!!! lucky friend

Kristy said...

Thankyou! :)

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