Saturday, October 03, 2009

The spring has long sprung on spring

The wisteria, cherry blossom, stone fruit trees, other trees, flowers and weeds, bees, bugs and birds are all doing their thing... just a few snaps

one of our plum trees

shortbread by Brooke

click on this photo above to check out the spider on the hunt!

Brenna's peach - blossoms

the other plum tree

the mandarine - you can't see it in this photo but it is loaded
there are so many flowers on there I can't wait to see them all as fruit!

feeding time for someone other than Quinn
this is the first time we have seen birds nesting in this tree. It either means we might be doing something right in the garden... or they are being forced to nest in places they don't normally, due to habitat reduction and (even more) people moving into the area

apricots - first year


Tricia said...

That white spider is cool! I love all the bugs in the garden at the moment. I must have 100 photos of native bees :-)

Kristy said...

Thanks Tricia
I confess that the spider one was pure chance as while I knew the little bugs were there, I didn't realise he was there when I took the pic. :) Beautiful time of year huh

Ruth said...

I think the birds would have definitely chosen your garden over other locations because it is so beautiful! All your plants look so healthy and lots of insects there for the birds :-)

Ruth xx

dixiebelle said...

Gorgeous photos!

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