Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a quick update

Just a quick update from me that these longies are finished, and I have plenty of pics - will share soon. How lucky are we to have such a wonderful knitter who is happy to find/make time to knit for us! :) Thanks Ma, you rock! Also on the list that we hope we can update soon are the laundry benchtops finally going in (found in the salvage section) and pics of all the fruit trees in their various stages of growing fruit. It's a nice thought that the first peach/apricot etc that Quinn might ever have, will be from our own tree... let's get there first I know, we have to let them grow! News on the Birthday fish front is that there is only one fish left out of the seven that began... the mystery is not yet solved... and we're working on it. That and things are just generally busy at the moment, Quinn has been unwell and I haven't been home much, so proper updates in the aforementioned and more, will come. :) Hope this finds you well, and with good bugs outnumbering the icky ones at your place. Whispers to the new bellies, new Babes in arms and to the little Angel Babes who have joined us... xo

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