Sunday, August 09, 2009

In the Garden Today...

Well, FLYlady style, Brooke and I (with Quinn on my back)cleared out the garden near the fruit trees and planted the 10 lavender that I got from Andrea's as seedlings (they pop up randomly in her garden) so that under the fruit trees will be a mass of lavender and the bees on the lavender will help with pollinating the plums etc

Also, we plnated the uglyoniums (geraniums/pelargoniums) under the mandarine tree for the mass effect (pink flower). Then near the cubby I planted mass dieties - so purple/white/yellow flower.
Behind the shed where there will eventually be fruit tress of some sort, the next plan after lunch (we making home made resource-pizza) is to plant that out on mass with dieties as well
so that whole area will be pink/white/yellow/purple with the purple being the common theme and en masse it will look great I think. All the lavender, dieties and uglyoniums, are all 'free' plants in the sense of no dollar outlay at the nursury - either gifted from someone's garden, or multiplied and planted out from ours.
Also we are still getting tomato despite the cold, on my favoutite type of tomato too- a large cherry tom style. I have to remember to keep some of the seed this time, and am just lucky they self seeded/grew from fallen ones. So, hungry now. off for lunch. back soon w pics.

ETA Master Quinn does a great 'Darth-in-a-jumpsuit' (Darth Vadar style 'breathing' while making a 'yawning' shape with his mouth). Thinks it's hilarious especially if we copy. He's also rolling rolling rolling - as in, he's been rolling for quite a while but this is over and over and over like a spinefex ball - he's been known to end up almost under the kitchen cupboard (MUST get the kickboards on!) and right across the other side of the room.

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