Friday, August 07, 2009

A Glimpse...

Just a little glimpse of the better parts of our garden. It's still very much a work in progress... It's a funny time of year really. I know spring is coming. I know that this time two years ago I was pregnant with Brenna and preparing for Brooke's birthday... so in March next year, if Brenna had gone to full term and been born alive, she would be nearly two... as it stands, it's not far until September this year for the two year Anniversary of her Birth... so when I know Spring is coming it's a mix of Brooke's birth, anticipation, my first-born, everything that came with it... and of being pregnant with Brenna, preparing for Brooke's Birthday, and then of losing Brenna. Of being pregnant with her, knowing she wouldn't be born alive, and shopping for a special blanket for her.

So I think a beautiful time of year, a 'fresh' time of year but with a little tinge on the edge of all the beauty. I know you can't really do it this way but heck, I didn't get to find out the 'other' so I'm going to just have a play with the numbers... in March next year 2010, had Brenna been born in her EDD of March 2008 (rather than her actual Birthdate of Sept 2007), Brooke would be 10, Jake 8, Zeke 5, Brenna 2 and Quinn would be just turned 1... an impossible thought really... yes yes, I know it might not have been that way but like I said, indulging my imagination.

And what a portrait that would make... 3 golden/brown hair kiddies, and two with dark hair... Brenna and Zeke would be definately two peas from the same little pod... how lucky am I...
So to the pics... the little lemon-yellow and white flower is from S, one of the WA girls from NC... came with a little bag of things when Quinn was born, bulbs for Brenna's garden and this is one of the flowers... tiny beautiful little flowers they are - you really have to click on that pic to see all the beautiful detail in it. So yes... a strange time of the year. Nevertheless... one I look forward to and enjoy watching unfolding... feeling the air change, the smells change and seeing the new life and colour just come from seemingly nowhere, or at least, from the cold green of winter.
This year I was contemplating doing a butterfly release for Brenna's birthday... still thinking on that one.

and the other three pivs are of the plum blossoms. Just this 'stick' of a tree and it's almost exploding into blossom... can't wait to see how the plums come on! The apricot and Brenna's Angel Peach have done the same. There's one 'slow' plum - not sure if it's the later fruiting variety or if it's not feeling well, so we'll see. And our mandarine, which has been saved (by me! haha) from... expulsion from the garden several times, has blossoms - woot woot! The lime tree for Brenna's garden from E and Family, has little tiny limes on it LOL they're too cute! The mulberry is it's usual loony self and just does it's thing when it's ready so there have been berries on it for a while now. Anyhoo... just some pretty pictures from today. Hope all is well. xo

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