Monday, July 13, 2009

beginning on the finishing list

I tried to say I wouldn't undertake new projects until the 'waiting' pile was finished... or at least substantially reduced. Well, Spotlight had 20% off... so I have fabric here waiting for the new projects LOL so my compromise is to finish one new thing, finish one waiting thing... see how that worked. So yesterday (post below this) I did Quinn's shirt that I had an idea for. Today replaced the elastic in a pocket nappy that otherwise has plenty of life in it. Also ironed and pinned another project that is welllll overdue... I had great intentions of completing it in a day (when I was pregnant with Quinn) and I just never did. So I ironed and pinned this morning (Hopefully it can go back to the owner on the weekend) and will be sewing while Quinn is asleep on my back (yay for the Ergo!). I have had Quinn in the back carry Ergo in a few times between 4months and now, but am finding now at about 5.5mths he fits in there well, and the back of the carrier supports his head while he sleeps (he's slightly shorter than the baby in the back carry pic).

ALso found some GREAT links and have started contemplating Christmas projects and gifts.

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