Thursday, June 25, 2009

Circumcision and Religion

Often a very contentious topic and with good reason. The only real hurdle that seems to halt and conclude this discussion in it's tracks is that religion 'validates' circumcision, despite all arguments against circumcision (medical exception excluded). I couldn't understand this. I know there many things inflicted in the name of a 'God', but surely not this?
What kind of God requires this of a parent in order to 'prove' their faith?
If I was to form a new church tomorrow, and one of the requirements was that each parent cut off any other part of their child's body... would that be 'different'?... is it 'different' because it's a new/old religion? How can that be? Surely it is what it is. I was exremely pleased then, to come across these links:

Bris B'lee Milah
Brit Shalom

just for a start. Anyway, I thought I'd share the link because many people come to the same crossroad in discussions, and religion seems to be used to 'silence' it - and for some it's one of many very important decisions to make as we bring new life into the world...

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