Friday, May 22, 2009

The blunts on FLYlady

Righto. This is my take on it. People ask is it worth doing or not. Does it work?

Initially I thought here we go, another American self-help lalalala. So I kept plodding on getting nowhere and getting more frustrated and ... what's the word... discouraged? Where do I start? There's so much I want to do - not enough hours in the day... anyway... so one day I thought well, never never know if you never never try... right? So I did... and anything is better than where I am at now, right?

and even tho FLYlady says 'Babysteps, one day at a time or you'll crash and burn' I thought nope... I need it all sorted and sorted yesterday! So I took on the lot, I did ok for a week or so then yep I did crash and burn.

I started a second time and wasn't into it quite when we began the kitchen reno which basically took over the house. It's funny because I remember a time when I was a very organised person, definately with OCD tendencies (and still have some)... and yet here I was contemplating whether I 'needed' the FLYlady thing.

Third time round. I began here... Finally I was giving myself the chance to do it and succeed instead of trying to do the lot at once. Later, I did buy the book, 'Sink Reflections' and was hooked that weekened (we were away) and busting to get home and get started. (note that you don't need to buy anything - the site has everything you need)

And it's been working ever since... not perfect, but as FLYlady says, 'progress' which is what I'm after. Even if I don't FLY for a little bit, I'm still better of when I resume my FLYing, than having never done the FLY thing at all. I do LESS cleaning when I FLY. I can be company ready in 15-30mins when I FLY. Even if we're all sick, there's a new baby in the house... whatever, I can still FLY because it's not hours on end... 'just 15 minutes... I can do anything for 15 minutes'... yes?

This is what clinched it for me read the bit that says 'May all our homes be our own private Bed and Breakfast!'
Because why shouldn't we and our families, our children, be entitled to this not just company or when someone comes to stay?
I know it didn't get that way in a day and it won't get undone in a day either. I do know when I FLY it makes a massive difference and I notice it when I don't. I've changed the emails to 'digest' now so I only get one or two a day. I did try the 'Aus' yahoo email sender so that the reminders were in Aus time but they don't have the testimonials which is the bit I like the best about the emails. So I stuck to the US one, in digest form, read what I want then hit delete.

The other thing is, yes there are some things that are a little... whatever the word and yes it's quite 'US' BUT... that's a small thing to overlook for the benefits it gives me. Christmas 2007 I had everything for Christmas done pretty much effortlessly by the 1st November... And the funny thing is quite often I hear people who dismiss FLYlady or criticise it, then complain in another time about how bad their house is and how they wish they could do something about it.

As she says, it works, but only if you do it. Anyhoo... that's my take on FLYing. She's been there. Right at the bottom... and gotten herself out - and is sharing it for those who also want to get out of the bottom of the hole. Start at the beginning. one step at a time... shine your sink... What's to lose?


Kylie said...

have you seen this lady?

And is a take off of the flylady - I love her and makes more sence to me than the flylady and I am not dragged down by 100 emails a day making sure that I am doing something (or not cause I am sitting on the computer)

Kristy said...

Hi Kylie

Thanks for the link. :) I have seen her on EB.

I'm not dragged down by 100 emails a day either, because I either do them in digest form, or don't subscribe to the list. ;) It's not obligatory to do so, free will and all that LOL

I do have my routines and zones though and find they work really well. I guess it's about finding what works for you, and adapting it to your household huh :) I am glad you found what works for you.

Thanks for sharing the link - I'll have a browse about.

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