Saturday, April 18, 2009

I walked out...

I walked out of the laundry this morning to see this... at 10 weeks old (new) after a week or so of trying (Mummy thought he was still too little for it haha!), and of touching/knocking the toy, Quinn has finally grabbed the toy on his wooden playgym! (ours from US before Zeke was born but are places apparently that stock in Aus now). He's also been rolling from back to side for the last week or so and trying his utmost to get to his tummy - scrunching his mucles and in the exertion sometimes squishing out a fluff! LOL Amazing that a little person can have such determination and ideas already on where he wants to go and what he wants to do.

Also today, Brooke made glazed cinnamon scrolls - we intend to put stewed diced apple and soaked sultanas in next time. We've made two focaccia this week, scones and I have a home made chicken noodle soup on the stove atm (Michael got a bbq chook from the shop, markdown end of the day and that's done us for lunch/dinner, and the carcass etc I've started the soup from).

I've sewn up the 'softy' shoulder rest things on Quinn's carseat that came unsewn (rolls eyes, seat barely a couple of months old!) - since it's the second time already since he was born that we've had to move the shoulder straps themselves up I thought I'd do them at the same time. Also Brooke and I started the 'Jackie French' weed potato patch as she describes in her Backyard Sustainability book, that we intend to 'bandicoot' rather than pull the whole crop. Here's hoping I can post the pics this time properly - couldn't figure out why they were all over the blog last time... then I'll see about adding links where required!


Niki said...

Hey Kristy, I had a little baby pang when I read your comment. I miss having a baby in the house.
Good going on all the cooking. And we are all about the potatos at the moment too. Cj is obsessed i tell you. Hope everything is cranking along. Enjoy the holidays.

Kristy said...

Thanks Niki! WE have to catch up sometime - I haven't KA'd as much as you but if you can put up with that and a half-reno'd house LOL you're welcome... Baby cuddles included ;)


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