Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have been in hospital but am home now...

Hi All... sorry for the lack of action on here. Had planned to have Birth story and pics up already however was only home from the Birth Centre for a couple of days when things went a little pear-shaped... went to Emergency Sunday last week (for me, Quinn is fine) and was admitted straight away with severe infection - on IV antibiotics (x3 sorts) blood tests, etc and stayed until Wednesday when my temp finally stopped spiking, BP went back up and heartrate behaved, and was allowed home. Am on what seems like an endless array of medicines for now but it's worth it to be home. Computer was in the shop all week and now just back on and setup - it's been fully reinstalled so might take me some time to organise it all.

I will catch up on all your messages and emails and hopefully be all sorted out as soon as possible. Thankyou for all your lovely best wishes and thoughts. xo

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Niki said...

Hi Kristy,
Welcome home. Sorry I haven't dropped your parcel off. I have had a sad couple of weeks & had no energy or desire to leave the house at all. But feeling better now & moving forward, thanks for your kind words on my blog. Soooooooo hows the delicious Mr Quinn. Bet he's a doll. Hope you are feeling better & I look forward to your birth story.
Love Niki x

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