Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Belly Update

Thought I'd better do this before the phone calls come! Last night's contractions were the strongest yet - lots and lots of pressure (felt good but, positive!) and I was just waiting for my waters to explode everywhere... that's how strong they were... a few needing breathing through... but no... still here this morning.
Mum and I taking the kids out today and Michael is at least an hour away for work appts, so see what that does. Seriously thinking of bailing on school tomorrow lol (first day back) just to avoid all the repetitive questions and comments... however it's Zeke's Orientation so I can't... and won't... a sign on my belly instead perhaps? LOL.

I've swept and mopped the kitchen, tidied up the kitchen, detailed the cooktop, swept and wiped in the lounge, put stuff away and moved a few things around - so have done a few things this morning. Mum is onto the next wall of paint in Brooke's soon-to-be room. The boys are still playing cars. Have a great day all! (he has the hiccups again atm )

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