Saturday, January 10, 2009

here we are - 37 weeks!

well thanks everyone for the best wishes we made 37 weeks after continuous oh/off BH and ctx and loo runs for the last few weeks. Last night was a run of ctx for about an hour plus 5 loo trips in 10mins but I decided I was too tired lol since almost everyone else had had day sleeps except me this week! So I went and sat in my spot and snoozed between ctx and they settled down. See what the week holds Thanks again everyone

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on the laundry front: first lot of tiles are down, cut tiles still to go then grout. Then waiting for it all to dry (second coat of paint already on, waterproofing the floor Michael did before he tiled).. and THEN we can put everything back and it will just be a matter of getting the benchtops and he will be finished in there. Way to go Michael!

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