Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Littlest Wigglebug of Ours...

Well yesterday I had a row of quite noticeable Braxton Hicks, after really not doing very much at all. And it's just stayed 'tight' all round the bottom front of my belly since then, all night and today... with a few stray twinges here and there for added fun.

Michael did dinner and pretty much everything else, Brooke helped out a lot as did Jake and Zeke well Zeke was Zeke but he's getting there.

Anyway, spoke to the midwife, she said let's play it safe it's probably nothing, but it will give both her and I peace of mind so up to the main hospital I went, with Michael and the kids at home asleep. Nevermind how far I had to walk lol if it WAS something but anyway... got up there and long and short story of it is, no idea why it's tight like that around the front but doppler, BP, urine etc etc are all great AND I got to see our precious boy on ultrasound, running a muck in there for all he's worth and showing off to the doc how strong he is. Plenty of fluid, placenta all good, blood flow all good, measuring spot on for dates. YAY! lol I don't mind BH and prelabour post 36 weeks but not this early!

A bit odd because I went past the SCN where Zeke was for a short (precautionary) time, the Chapel (where I was relieved to find it was parent ed classes and not a service, although still odd), the stairs we climbed when we went to see the Chaplain after Brenna was born, walking the path near the Birth Centre where Brooke, Jake and Zeke were born. Sure a place of mixed things that's for certain.

Anyway so home I've trotted, a couple of unexpected happy relieved tears on the way home that our boy is all okay and I can look forward to the next 13odd weeks before he's born. And James' song came on on the way home which I took as a good sign, something positive. It also came on today on the way to Aline's BlessingWay... and Aline if you're reading (and not already in labour lol) each time I see the little green thread bracelet, I do think of you and send you all the good stuff I can muster... soon soon soon you get to meet your little one!


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Kirrily said...

Yay! Love this kinda news! x

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