Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dresses and seeds.

Well I haven't made this but I think it's an awesome idea and from someone who is button-hole and zipper shy, it's even better! there are two dresses so make sure you scroll down to check them both out. She's used a ladies shirt and made a little girl's dress, twice over.

Also on the gardening front, am trying a new theory.
What we did is even tho the kids sprouted ten million seeds at once, and we will be giving away a heap, what I've done (by accident I admit but it is a good idea!) is put some in semi shade, some in the full sun in pots/seed tray etc and they are now growing different rates. So we will give some away but will plant some of the smaller and taller ones, and get fruit (theoretically?) at different times. Then again... since they germinated at the same time maybe that will make the above theory totally irrelevant! haha. guess we will see!

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