Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And how does our garden grow...

bearing in mind we're just re-establishing after having barely anything there due to redevelopments behind us (high fence, leaving not much full sun area). The 'poo man' came yesterday www.fertiliserking.com.au premium organic gardening supples with 4 chicken, 4 sheep, 2 mushroom (all 36 litre bags) for $55 delivered.
The compost that I started a year ago is looking good and has been used in the holes before planting, chicken manure for top dressing only as it's quite strong. The worms are also breeding like rabbits (worms?) and we get heaps of juice from them - sometimes we struggle to keep up with the scraps which is surprising considering the amount of f&v we go through, so they are supplemented with paper/cardboard etc scraps. All my hemp and bamboo scraps from sewing that are no good for anything else, go in the compost. So in the garden we have:

  • What's in the garden so far...
Silverbeet multicolour, rockmelon, tomato, mandarine tree, apricot tree, zuchini (sp?), beans, chives, tomato, cherry tomato, tahitian lime, mulberry tree (loaded at the moment!), sunflower, two plum trees, chillis, fruiting lilli pilli, chives, pak choy, HOT chilli, afro parsley, other parsley, fizzmo lettuce, marigold, English spinach, mixed lettuce and salsa mix capsi.

Some grown from seed, others from vege scraps, some from seedlings, some from last year self seeding, some from class projects that the kids bought home. A couple were gifts for Brenna's garden. All in various stages of growth, most of them still young. There's a lemon tree at the corner of the neighbouring fence that we're allowed to pick from and next door's locut tree is LOADED - I just need to remember to leave them a note to see if they want to swap for fresh bread or something.

I am going with intensive planting for most of the lettuce/spinach/chives etc as they will likely be picked from daily rather than left to grow to one full head of lettuce.

We're going to plant out the front as well and I am trialing a Lara-style strawbale garden bed against the shed. That's it so far. Still left to go in/find a place for and dep on season, some we have as seeds and some we're yet to source or purchase.

  • Still to go in... (or what has to wait)

Rosemary, winter fruiting trees, onion, tansy, pumpkin, strawberry, lavender, cucumber, chioggia beetroot, peas stringless pioner, parsnip, corn, watermelon, basil, carrots, tomato different types) and while we won't be planting them, hopefully some chooks to add to the mix!
The cherry blossom (ornamental) has finished it's beautiful flowering and now has it's new reddy leaves, and the wisteria is in full bloom along the fence.

Also getting done this weekend done is replacing the screens (2 window and one sliding door) that have holes in with the same aluminium mesh (tougher than the usual stuff but still managed to get a hole in it), as well as weather guards for front door and the old pantry done - which once the guard is on the bottom of the door I should be able to turn into my 'cellar' as it's quite cool - mostly I want to use it for bulk purchases - jars, tins, packets etc to keep the extras unopened and the main pull-out pantry user-friendly. And the newly planted veges are getting fenced off from mostly Jemma lol who likes to bury her things in there (it does smell like poo afterall so of course that makes sense!).

The cubby now has a path to the door and Michael is cutting the last few pavers for it as I type. I am looking forward to having it all planted out. The big plum tree is going in behind the cubby - lovely flowers and fruit come spring time! And a handy climbing spot to access the lemons near the fence lol! I have more sewing to do today and swaps to post when the post office opens tomorrow (P/hol in WA)... and of course there is always plenty of other things to do... Thassit for now!


Georgie said...

Sounds great! I can recommend nectarines ... ours is fruiting well after a couple of years (last year had about 5 fruit, but loads this yr). And we have a prolific orange tree, but that was established before we moved in.

Kristy said...

Thanks Georgie.
Nectarine is on our list - Niki has one as well and she said hers is always loaded so will go with that. Do you know the species/variety that yours is?

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