Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gardens, Cubbies and some wiggling!

Well... just last week began the first stages of installing the cubby house we are buying from J&B (thankyou!). We had chosen the corner of the garden where it should be... the only thing there is winter weeds growing furiously, and a delapidated old structure where the vege garden used to be. The structure was there when we moved here, but it was handy for shadecloth to shade the veges in summer so we didn't take it down.
However, since the people over the back redeveloped and (kindly, thankyou!) put up a new fence since they raised the level of the block, what was our old vege plot now gets almost no sun at all... so it's sat dormant with winter weeds and whatever else happily taking over... for the time being at least. First step, treating the underneath of the cubby floor with a timber protector - Eco Timber Protector to be exact... not perfect as it still has to be washed out with turps, but still... a start in the right direction. Did clog on the brush after a little bit, which time thinning/pressing the brush into a little turps did help. Then clearing of the space, structure and winter weeds, leveling and some paver re-adjustment. In went the support base, metal, and to keep the timber out off the ground. Then some timber reinforcing for underneath the cubby. And then... time to put it up!

Progress pics are coming - lots of little faces to edit out! Here's a hint of the cubby...
Cubby now in - thankyou to Grandma and Grandad for coming round to help put it together, and of course to Michael for getting it organised and prepped, Michael and Grandad for picking it up, and of course to J&B for choosing as as the new buyers!

Now I can work on desiging Brenna's Garden around it... The kids 'moved in' before the roof was even on lol - table and chairs, stove, dresser etc. Plan is for fruit trees on the side fence garden bed, they'll be tall enough to catch the sun there, then maybe some GWax or similar down one side of the cubby and a tall planter on metal legs (to raise it up to the sun, and to stop the four legged small thingies from nicking the fruit!) with maybe some strawberry plants. And of course... the statue from AE and R... will be finding it's new home in the garden soon.

Oh... and we have one very wiggly little Baby growing inside... I have been feeling the little movements for a while but they've really gotten stronger and tonight was the first time they could be felt by the 'outside' - someone other than me! Yippee!!! As of today (Monday) we are 16 weeks and 2 days. Grow well, grow strong Little One!

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