Friday, July 04, 2008

Feeling good from today!

4th July 2008

Well I think that's what they call a 'feel good' moment. Checkup at the doc today (well, I went there for something else but we did the checkup just the same) and all is well, blood pressure, pee testing lol I asked the several questions I had and all the answers were better than I had hoped, so that's good. Having had this nasty bug for a while, plus a sore tooth that will be fixed on Tuesday (yay!) there were a few things I was concerned about but all that was answered. *grin*
My haemoglobin is slightly low (but it's always been a little under) so orders for red meat at least three times a week as it's the most easily absorbed. Second choice is iron tablets, last choice is injections.

Also referral to the Birth Centre. I have no idea what their policy is regarding accepting me back after Brenna's Birth last year... I guess time will tell.
In one sense it wouldn't make sense to not be accepted - three previously healthy (disgustingly normal, remember) pregnancies, natural labours and births (which reminds me must do the Birth Stories soon and log them in here!), and then Brenna's - which they all keep telling us the chances of happening were on in a million, that it was so unlikely to ever happen in the first place, that the chances of it happening again are double what they were of it happening in the first place - but then to use that to say no you can't come to the Birth Centre? Doesn't make that much sense. It's in a wierd way being penalised? So I don't know, I guess they'll make their own decision on that one.

At the same time though, I understand that the reason places like the Birth Centre are allowed to be, is because they have to adhere to strict guidelines, so I understand that too. I also get that it would have been hard for the midwives involved that day I went in and Brenna's heart had stopped.

So I figured well, for this Baby... I've learnt from Brooke and Jake and Zeke's, but also Brenna's birth, that I think that while the place you birth IS important in it's own way, the experience of birthing that Baby, and of that Baby being healthy, and of the people who are around you when you birth, is what counts. I've also learnt that even a non-healthy birth, can still hold so much - regardless of the location - I'd never birthed in a hospital before Brenna... and that people Birth in all sorts of places. If I can't birth at the Birth Centre, so be it. Our birth will still be 'ours'.

So yes, rather a positive up-beat day today, I think! xo

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