Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Sweetest Zeke...

One of the best ways to have Zeke sleep earlier in the day, so as not to fall asleep in random places later on, then go on to an extremely late bed time, is for me to lay down (on the lounge otherwise it's too obvious haha!) next to him, or in the same room at least. I set the timer (for school pickup) and we start with a book or the marbles game together.
Anyway so today it went like this:
[seeing me lay down on the lounge]
Zeke: Mummy, don't have a rest!
Me: Oh but matey my eyes are a bit sore (and they were), just going to rest them.
Zeke: Your eyes are sore?
Me: yes
Zeke: Want me to kiss them better Mum?
Me: awww thanks Zeke.
[Zeke comes over and gently oh my, so gently places a tiny tiny kiss, one on each eyelid, all the while with one hand on the side of my chin.]
Me: oh thanks Matey
Zeke: You're welcome Mummy!
Ah such a sweetie. The kid who can swing off the monkey bars, leap from the top of the steps and wrestle with his brother and yell at the top of his lungs, can be so tenderly gentle with a slater, and his Mummy... too good Little Big Man...


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Grandma said...

Our sweetest Zeke, I know why you showed such sweetness towards Mummy, because you have been had that love shown to you.Thats whats wrong with the world.When children haven't had that love expressed to them they will have problems expressing that to others, and when they grow up and have children of their own they wont be able show them the love that they are worthy of.Dad and Mum you are a credit to your children.Keep on loving them.

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